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For more power and full control over your server

Prices starting at $3.99/month*

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VPS or Virtual Private Servers are for advanced users who need more control and power at their disposal. Our VPS plans provide full control over the server as you would have on a Dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost.

Our Linux VPS plans come in both Managed and Unmanaged variants. Unmanaged VPS are fully self managed and everything (installation, setup, configuration, troubleshooting, updates, patches etc) is handled by the users themselves.

With our managed servers, we take care of the installation, updates and patching, monitoring of the server, general configuration etc. This way, you get full power of the VPS while none of the headache of managing it.


Average Uptime This Month

16 Mins

Average Ticket Response Time

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  • Unmanaged
  • Managed

Some love for the Panda from our customers

I want to take the time and give a shout out and thanks to blue panda hosting, this company is always on point. They are very supportive and will always reach out to help you, the prices are awesome and I love them so much, they will be a part of my life forever. Special thanks to all of the support staff and creator of blue panda hosting.

Zachary Allen -

If you are looking for an experienced and professional web service provider, then Blue Panda is definitely your one-point solution. It’s been close to 3 years that I have been using their services and not even once any thought of switching to another SP has crossed my mind. I think that says enough about my satisfaction with their support. Definitely recommended to everyone out there!

Sadish Garg -

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Reasons to choose Blue Panda Hosting

1 Month Free

Change any monthly shared/vps/managed plan to annual billing and pay only for 11 months. So 1 month free to as loyalty bonus.

Regular Backups

All our Shared hosting and Managed Hosting plans come with regular backups to keep your data safe.

Daily Scan

All our Managed WordPress, Fully Managed VPS/Dedicated Server plans come with daily virus scans to keep your sites secure.


We use a blend of multiple tier 1-3 bandwidth carriers at most of our locations to ensure optimum connectivity and latency for your websites.

10+ Global Locations

With 6+ locations in USA, 4 in Europe and 1 in Asia, we have presence in 3 major continents across our wide range of services with plans to add more locations in near future.


We only use enterprise grade hardware hosted in world class facilities all around the globe, for our servers, to deliver excellent performance.

99.9% Uptime

Your sites are important and they need to be always online, we understand that. That is why all our plans come with 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Upgrade Path

Have a growing site and worried about future upgrade problems ? We got you covered with our wide range of services, no matter how much traffic you get.

  • Non Oversold Servers

    Most other providers oversell the servers a lot (i.e. Hosting 1000s of 10 GB disk plans on a server with just 1 TB disk, giving crawling performance and slow as snail websites).

    We take pride in using NON Oversold servers. All servers are loaded only till 60-70% capacity at max. Once we reach that threshold, we deploy more servers to accommodate new clients. This keeps the server and the performance stable and predictable.

  • A brief intro

    We started small with just one tiny server, to provide a good stable hosting platform for our web development clients and to rescue their websites from the slow overloaded servers they were using.

    Now after a little more than 3 years, we have expanded exponentially. From 1 tiny server at one location, now we have multiple servers across 15+ locations worldwide with hundreds of happy and satisfied customers.

    We have built all this with truly supportive customer support, reliable service and top notch performance. This is the primary reason we have an unbelievably low churn rate in comparison to the industry standards. We love our customers and they love our service.